Our cocktails made from fresh fruit will give colour to the heat of this summer. Ask for the menu, we also accept your suggestions.

The history of cocktails
Names of famous people, countries, under garments and manes with sexual allusions are used to name different drinks known as cocktails.
Cocktails , as we know them nowadays were born around the 1920's and the number of differents types of cocktails and the utensils to make them grew rapidly, at this time period of the Prohibition Law from 1919 until December 1933, provoked an important increase in the consumption of cocktails.

To prepare cocktails one must take into consideration the fundamental elements, which are:
- Alcohol or elements as a basis, such as tequila, rum, brandy, whisky, beer.
- Other additional agents such as vermouth, natural fruit juices and soft drinks.
- Additional elements such as colourings, apricot and curaçao.
- Finally decorative elements such as fruit and parasols.